About us

Setare Taban Teb is started up by more than 3 decades experienced management and is active in medical equipment and instruments, which is representing a number of top and reputable companies in medical fields.The most valuable asset of our company is our human resources…
Setare Taban Teb's medical team has the most expert and experienced staffs in this field. As main core of our company philosophy, we highly believe in the team who are doing the process and the tasks.

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the-role-of-spirometry-spacelabs-fukuda-me-top-اسپیرومتر-ستاره-تابان-طب-cosmed-برون-ده-قلبی-spirometer-chest-ویتالوگراف-medima-vitalograph-cosmed-CPET- body box-بادی باکس
اسپیرومتر-ستاره-تابان-طب-cosmed-spirometer-chest-ویتالوگراف-vitalograph-cosmed-CPET- body box-بادی باکس-کالریمتری-QNRG-فیت میت-fitmate-K5-Elltec-بلادوارمر- گرمکن خون
the-role-of-spirometry-top-اسپیرومتر-ستاره-تابان-طب-cosmed-برون-ده-قلبی-spirometer-chest-ویتالوگراف-medima-vitalograph-cosmed-CPET- body box-بادی باکس-کالریمتری-QNRG-فیت میت-fitmate
spacelabs-fukuda-me-top-cosmed-uscom-برون-ده-قلبی-spirometer-chest-medima-vitalograph-بلادوامر-گرمکن خون-elltec